Experience Myoko July 7 2012, 1:33am via japanskiexperience.com

“I don’t think I’ve ever, ever, EVER seen this much snow in my entire life.”

If you think you’ve seen some big snowfalls in the past, you may need to think again! Here’s a great video shot in Myoko back in January which covers the last few days of a Japan ski trip. It snowed over 4 metres in the 3 days they were there producing truly epic conditions.
“Myoko is an absolutely incredible resort, there’s just so much here to do … there’s something for everyone and there’s heaps of snow and great tree skiing.”

Have you ever had it this good in Myoko? Maybe you were there? Share your thoughts below or send us your video. If not Myoko, where and when was your deepest experience of Japowder?