After rain comes green. June 22 2012, 4:25am via

We were struggling for a while without rain for a long time. Even though the soil stays moist for a long time after that 20m of accumulated snow has melted, it still dries up surprisingly fast without any rains.
Luckily for us though there is always a guarantee at some point in time for rain. Unluckily for most people down south typhoons will start hitting them from June onwards, but here in Hokkaido we just get a small percent of all that precipitation.
It came a bit late for some of the grain crops and also the beans are looking rather late, so we may see some spikes in the prices later on the the year depending on what follows.
It is still a bit cold, especially at night but things are finally starting to grow well and green is returning to the fields.
From now one the war against the weeds is officially on.

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