Hiking in the Mountains and Dancing in the Streets June 5 2012, 11:44am via holidayniseko.com

It has been less than a month since the chairlifts stopped and now the landscape is green. Even though a few are still making the most of the last of the snow on the peaks it seems as though winter has all been forgotten about around here.

Whether on holiday or living in the area it is a great time to get out in the mountains to hike again, on some trails you will still need to cross snow, a little reminder that winter has really only just left us and that summer is still on the way. Yesterday we checked out Shizen Numa Trail on the road between Niseko and Iwanai, a short but interesting walk from the roadside park. check the photos below.

niseko shizen numa trail in spring

Still snow on the trails on June 4th

chisenupuri niseko

After a short 15 minute walk you are greeted by snow on the backside side of Chisenupuri and backcountry

shizen numa

The end of the trail or just the beginning if you want to explorer further

As well as enjoying the great outdoors and food that Niseko has to offer during early summer you can also check the Yosakoi Soran Dance Festival in Sapporo, an easy 2 hour train, bus or drive way. Starting  tomorrow the 6th of June and going through to Sunday, the festival sees the streets of Sapporo come alive with dancers from all cross Japan competing, with unique contemporary dance routines  dressed in colorful outfits, a spectacle not to be missed. For more info on Yosakoi check wikipedia.

yosakoi soran

Colourful outfits and energetic dance is what Yosakoi is all about