Niseko Snow Review of Rome Anthem SS – 2012 October 25 2011, 3:20pm via

Last winter when the Rome mid west rep was in town I got to take the Rome Anthem SS 2012 for a rip. All rigged up with my bindings I rode this hot rod of snowboards in the natural pipes of Annupuri to blasting of pillows and deep powder turn at Teine in the mid March powder we scored through watching the weather patterns;)

The Anthem SS 2012 performed well in all conditions from boosting out of well ridden natural pipe walls to floating the steep powder laden bowls of Teine.

This board is tech madness and if you want to ride varied terrain and fancy yourself as a bit of a Lucas Debari then this is the board is for you.

This board also looks the part with it's swish high end graphick!

So what this makes this board tick? Well first up it packed full of strength, think stiff, giving you the ability to power through anything and accelerate out of turns. Strength is bought to by Rome’s PressurePop Tech: Kevlar V which transfers the energy from under the binding out to the contact points on the effective edge for maximum response. Put this with the Carbon Torque Hotrods that run between the bindings arching out to the sidecut at the centre which softens the end to end torque but still allows great edge to edge control to power out of turns. The Hybrid Camber gives it float when needed, this is done by making the edge contact points longer, allowing the camber start points to be set back so that when you decompress the board the tip and tail rise up.

All this tech basically means you get increase control and pop from the reinforcement while increased float and ease of turn from the hybrid camber when in the pow. Finally put all this with the SinterCarbon.2 Base to make you slide even faster.

This board is a machine for someone who likes to free ride in the powder, down steep lines, off kickers and the pipe and park. A good board for a peak to pipe runs this winter in Niseko or where ever you ride!! It comes in 157, 159, 161 and 163 and Check Rome for more Tech

rome anthem ss blasting teine sapporo

rome anthem ss blasting teine sapporo

Thanks to Pete from Great Lakes Insurgents RomeSDS for the image