Niseko Snow review of 2012 Rome Targa bindings March 29 2011, 12:11pm via

Rome SDS has been designing some sweet bindings over the years and the top end Targa for 2012 is a beauty. Targa’s are known to be tech, tuff, light, adjustable as can be and aesthetically pleasing. When a few guys from the rome crew came over to shred Niseko and Teine, I strapped my boots in and ripped around on em. Boot-in and board dangling off the lift, the binding didn’t release so no need for a leash! When fully strapped in the Targa’s are so comfy that it feels like you are just wearing boots and somehow your board is attached- Comfort King approved! Super responsive in the Niseko pow, chop, park and pipe.

Rome sds rider Cameron Strand rips Teine and rocks the 3.5 degree cant baseplates.

Rome rider Cameron slashing around the Sapporo Teine resort on a deep day

Rocking the Targa's and kicking a method in Annupuri

Kopish kicking a method strapped in the 2012 Targa's and Mod

Some progressive ideas that the Rome binding design guru has put into place are the V-rod baseplates that have a smaller binding footprint on your board with all four corners raised up allowing more board flex. From your toe and lateral side of your heel the V-rod baseplate delivers power and the “Yes, I cant system” gives you EVA-to-board contact for maximum cushioning, canting options and lightness. The Targa’s come with normal flat, 2 degree and 3.5 degree footbed/basepads and are the only Inbase canting system in snowboarding so far. I rode them normal-flat and Cameron ripped the 3.5 degrees cant. Cam says it helps in better knee position and gives more leverage on rocker boards. Seen it in the 90′s… cool tech comes back around.

Snapshot from next season's Rome catalog

The four corners of the V-Rod baseplate are raised up for more board flex

Rome 2012 Targa has new anitshock highbacks and toestraps.

2012 Targa binding is ready and willing with cool new toestraps and highbacks

2012 Rome Targa AntiShock highback and autostrap

New AntiShock highback and AutoStrap out of your boots way. Ready to strap in

2012 Rome Targa binding

Internal highback adjusting and a fresh looking binding

The Big Hits!

I’m going to use the word “Tweakable” instead of “Adjustable” in the next few sentences.

The Targa’s Boot size tweakable baseplates and tuff aluminum underwrap heel hoops are soft and solid to stand on. The interchangeable and tweakable EVA inserts in the ankle straps give you 3 flex options and the new Conformist.3 toe straps fit snug. The new AntiShock highback takes the abuse and has fully tweakable rotation, toe and heel ramps. The Targa’s tool-less tweakable forward lean, toe and ankle straps come in handy when it’s time to swap boards for a run.

Tweakable to the max, the 2012 Targa’s hold your boots like you hug your best friend.